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"Every year I go to Oshkosh and some of the large area fly-ins and I see lots of airplanes and flying activity. Then, after the show they all disappear. Where do they go?"

It’s no secret that general aviation activity has slowed down in the past few years. The increasing costs of fuel, insurance and other factors have made it difficult to justify our sport against competing hobbies like golf and outdoor family activities. But is general aviation dying or gone? No, it isn’t. In fact, it’s alive and well but it takes a different form today. Continuing to foster growth means adopting new ways of thinking and fresh ideas.

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IFC Welcomes CFI Connor Rockleman

Indiana Flight Center is proud to announce its commitment to providing flight training with the addition of full-time CFI/I, Connor Rockelman.

Connor joins us from Heston College in Kansas where he graudated and instructed. Connor brings a strong aviation education background and high level of enthusiasm to the IFC training program.

You will also see Connor leading safety seminars, social flying events and other great activities here at the airport every month! He's always looking for great new ideas and would be happy to talk to you about learning to fly, your next flight review, or event idea. Send him a note and welcome him to the field.