Who is Indiana Flight Center?

How long has IFC been in business?

Indiana Flight Center started as the FBO on the Elkhart Airport in 1996. Before that, the company was only involved in aircraft management and had been doing that steadily since the mid 1980's.

What kind of aircraft can IFC maintain?

We work on a wide variety of aircraft from small piston engine airplanes like Cessna 172's all the way through midsize business jets. We have many years of experience in the Cessna Citation 500 and 650 series aircraft as well as the 400 series twin Cessna fleet.

I have a business aircraft based in another state. Can IFC manage that aircraft?

Certainly, we have significant experience in managing aircraft based in other states and can arrange all of the services your operation requires. We can manage the process of hiring local flight and maintenance crew or we can commute personell from Elkhart depending on your needs. In either case, we are prepared to help you get the most from your business aircraft wherever you live.

Does IFC provide flight training?

We are proud to announce that we recently aquired a Cessna 172 with the intent to resume flight training in Elkhart. We offer private and instrument pilot training as well as scenic rides and introductory flights. We make it easy for the student with a clear syllabus, online scheduling and flight training financing options available. Give us a call and get started today!

Of course, after you have earned your license, we will help you transition to purchasing your first airplane. We are here to support you through the entire process and look forward to helping you join the aviation community.